Good Winter Driving No specific problems but there could be the occasional slippery section or snow drifts.
 Ice Covered The entire driving surface is covered with ice.
 Slush A build up of slush on the driving surface as a result of moderate or heavy snow fall when pavement temperatures are at or near the freezing point creating driving conditions that may cause an unsuspecting driver to lose control of a vehicle.
 Icy or slippery sections A minor situation identified due to intermittent rain, frost, sticking snow or ice patches (includes light pavement frost).
 Wet/freezing Highway is wet, subject to freezing as temperatures drop.
 Pavement Frost Build up of frost that reduces braking power of vehicles.
 Winter Driving Conditions Exist If conditions other than good winter driving are reported, it automatically shows winter conditions exist (yellow line on the map). This may include icy, slippery sections or swirling snow.
 Drifting snow Ground drifting caused by winds which may affect surface conditions on the highway, such as sticking snow or may reduce visibility.
 Swirling Snow A condition created by traffic in loose snow that reduces visibility.
 Loose Snow Less than 8 cm of loose snow covers the driving surface that may cause some driving difficulties.
 Heavy Snow More than 8 cm of loose snow covers the driving surface. Traffic encounters problems when meeting or passing.
 Snow Packed This condition exists mainly on gravel roads where the entire driving surface is covered with packed snow.
 Snow Drifts Small snow dunes exist on the driving surface at intermittent intervals.
 Travel Not Recommended This means that visibility is less than 200 metres; and/or the surface is icy; and/or the highway is doubtful; and/or the highway may be blocked.
 Closed Highway is impassable (or has been closed for operational reasons).
 Fog Reported only when visibility is reduced.
 Visibility Zero You can see less than 200 metres. Under this condition highway maintenance equipment will not begin work on the road until visibility improves. Equipment already on the road may be removed if visibility continues to deteriorate to 100 metres or less.
 Visibility Reduced You can see less than 800 metres.
 Visibility Good You can see more than 800 metres.

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