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      Sunday, February 18, 2018


  • The Trucking Policy and Regulations Unit (TPRU) office works to protect existing roadway infrastructure, promote economic activity, and ensure the safety of the public by developing and administrating commercial motor carrier policies and regulations.
  • The TPRU office represents the ministry in provincial, inter-provincial and national conferences and committees regarding commercial vehicles, including the Canadian Council Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA).
  • For general inquiries contact (306) 787-4801.
  • For further information contact Rick Churko, Manager Trucking Policy at (306) 787-1046

Specific regulations, both federal and provincial, apply to commercial vehicles and loads.

The movement of overweight and over-dimensional vehicles and loads must be in accordance with specific policies.

The issuing overweight and over-dimensional permits is to allow for the movement of loads that are not ordinarily permitted travel  under The Highways and Transportation Act

Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure has established allowable weights for all highways within the province. Maximum gross vehicle weight is dependant on highway classification, maximum registered gross vehicle weight for vehicles, tire size and axle spacing.

TPRU works with other provinces and agencies to ensure consistent development and administration of policies and regulations.

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