Paving Laying of hot bituminous mix with a paving machine on the highway surface. Short delays in travel to be expected.
Grading Complete reconstruction of highway. Detours, delays and possible highway closure.
Surfacing Maintenance or construction activity on the highway surface. Short delays in travel to be expected.
Seal Coating Applying hot liquid asphalt to the highway surface then covering with a graded aggregate to produce a waterproof membrane to the highway surface. Expect delays, dusty conditions, reduced visibility, loose and flying stones and fresh oil. Avoid these construction zones when possible to reduce vehicle damage caused by other vehicles failing to reduce speed limits.
Graveling Placing additional gravel on our graveled highways, primarily located in northern Saskatchewan.
Under Construction A variety of smaller maintenance or construction projects. Expect minor delays.

Impassable Road Closed - use alternate route.
Local Detour Short Detour around construction site.
Washouts Road closed due to washouts from flooding or heavy rain .
Bridge Repair Bridge is under repair, usually one lane traffic with restricted widths.
Water over Road Water is running over the highway. The areas will be controlled by flagpersons. Traffic is allowed through when conditions are safe.
Flooded Highway closed - under water.
Fires in Area Highway may be closed without notice - visibility may be reduced by smoke.
Reduced Speed Recommended reduced speeds due to road condition.
Surface Breaks Breaks in the pavement or potholes. Most common during spring thaw period. Known failures will be marked.
Rough Driving surface may be rough from construction activities, surface breaks or on gravel highways following extreme weather conditions.
Slippery Usually associated with gravel highways following heavy rains.
Heavy, Rutted Usually associated with gravel highways or new construction following heavy rains. Travel not recommended.
Towing Traffic Heavy rains due to new construction can make road impassable to normal traffic. Vehicles must be towed through. Alternate route recommended.
Windrows Windrows of gravel material on highway during construction.
Sharp Drop Off The shoulder has been cut away during construction leaving a sharp drop.
Flag Person
Flag person - the workers who carry these signs provide traffic control in the construction zone. You must always obey the signals from the flag person.
Pilot Vehicle Traffic must be piloted through the construction zone. Expect delays of 5-15 minutes.


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