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      Sunday, February 18, 2018

Official Spring Restriction Orders are issued every Tuesday and Friday (with the exception of Good Friday) by 12:30 p.m. (CST) during the ban period. Spring road restrictions are dependent on weather. Typically restrictions start in the first week of March, generally in the southwest of the province, and the remainder follow over a two or three week period. When restrictions are implemented, they may be in place for up to six weeks. Restrictions may change with 48 hours notice. If a prolonged cold spell occurs during the restriction season, they may be removed until conditions warrant their implementation again.

Spring Load Restrictions - on affected highways

The maximum load on steering axles is 10 kg per millimetre (560 lb. per inch) width of tire (manufacturer's stamped dimensions), to a maximum of 3 000 kg (6 612 lb.) on each wheel but to a maximum of 5 500 kg (12 120 lb.) on the steering axle; except for straight trucks on primary highways which are allowed up to a maximum of 7 250 kg on the steering axle with the appropriate tire size.

Maximum loads on all other wheels will be limited to 6.25 kg/mm (350 lb. per inch) width of tire to a maximum loading of 1 650 kg per wheel (3,636 lb.)


The 15 km rule for hauling primary weights from a primary highway onto an adjoining secondary highway does not apply to highways which:

  • are under spring road restriction orders,
  • are under special Ministerial Orders where weights are reduced on a permanent or term basis
  • to municipal roads located in a rural municipality,

Information Sources

  • Provincial Highway Hotline number for recorded information
  • Polling our fax station at 306-933-5673. This report can be up to 8 pages in length and will list any highways included on an official Spring Road Restriction Order
  • by subscription to a broadcast fax service through the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA). Applications forms are available by calling the STA at 306-569-9696.
  • Internet: http://www.highways.gov.sk.ca/

Provincial Highway Hotline Numbers-recorded information

  • Saskatoon City and surrounding area - 306-933-8333
  • Regina City and surround area - 306-787-7623
  • All other areas of the province - 1-888-335-7623
  • Out of province - call either Saskatoon or Regina numbers (area code 306).

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