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      Thursday, August 24, 2017

12th Floor
1855 Victoria Avenue,
Regina, Saskatchewan,
Canada, S4P 3T2
Fax: 306-787-9777

Nithi Govindasamy
Deputy Minister
Phone: 306-787-4949
Email:  nithi.govindasamy@gov.sk.ca 

Tom Lees
A/Associate Deputy Minister - Operations
Phone: 306-787-4859
Email: Tom.Lees@gov.sk.ca 

Miranda Carlberg 
A/Assistant Deputy Minister - Design and Innovation
Phone: 306-787-9287
Email: Miranda Carlberg

Blair Wagar
Assistant Deputy Minister - Planning and Policy Division
Phone: 306-787-5028
Email: blair.wagar2@gov.sk.ca 

Doug Wakabayashi
Executive Director, Communications and Public Relations
Phone: 306-787-6815
Email:  doug.wakabayashigov.sk.ca 

Wayne Gienow
Executive Director, Corporate Services
Phone: 306-787-1355
Email:  wayne.gienow@gov.sk.ca

Becky Hoehn
Executive Assistant, Deputy Minister’s Office
Phone: 306-798-0970
Email:  becky.hoehn@gov.sk.ca

Maxine Fisher 
Executive Secretary, Deputy Minister's Office
Phone: 306-787-4949
Email: maxine.fisher@gov.sk.ca 

Harold Hugg
Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Policy
Phone: 306-787-5311
Email: harold.hugg@gov.sk.ca

Executive Director, Planning and Management
Phone: 306-964-1210

Brent Orb
Director, Rail Services
Email: Brent.Orb@gov.sk.ca

Reg Cox
Director, Legislation and Administration
Phone: 306-787-4809
Email: Reg.Cox@gov.sk.ca


Dave Smith

Executive Director, Southern Region
Phone: 306-787-4973
Fax: 306-787-2295  
Email: Dave Smith

Ron Gerbrandt
Executive Director, Central Region
Phone: 306-933-6225
Fax: 306-933-5188
Email: Ron Gerbrandt

Doug Hansen
Executive Director, Northern Region
Phone: 306-953-3503
Fax: 306-953-3533
Email: Doug Hansen

Zev Lazic
Executive Director, Major Projects Branch
Phone: 306-933-6203
Fax: 306-933-6753
Email: Zev Lazic


David Stearns
Executive Director, Technical Standards Branch 
Phone: 306-787-2295
Fax: 306-787-4836
Email: David Stearns

Gary Diebel
Director, Finance & Administration Branch
Phone: 306-787-4794
Fax: 306-787-8700
Email: Gary Diebel

Chris Ference
Director, Information Management Branch
Phone: 306-787-9147
Fax: 306-787-8700
Email: Chris Ference


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See maps produced by the Ministry.

Contact an area office.

Roadside development permits (within 90m)


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