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     Thursday, October 30, 2014

The most currently available road information can be found on the Highway Hotline.

Enter highway number and select go or scroll the page for latest available road conditions.

  • Saskatoon and area:                              1-306-933-8333
  • Regina and area:                                    1-306-787-7623
  • SaskTel cell network:                              *ROAD  (*7623)
  • Toll-free across Canada:                        1-888-335-7623

Note: The online map reports and text reports, mobile website, web feeds and telephone numbers listed above provide the most detailed and current highway conditions to plan your specific route.

To learn more about the terms and definitions the Highway Hotline will use during the winter months.

Learn more about snow and ice control, safe driving practices around snow plows and which highways are cleared first and why.

Learn how to use some of the features of the Highway Hotline.

Provides road conditions by map or text by clicking segment of highway.

  • Learn to use the mobile website on smart phones:  click here

Remember: It is illegal to use hand-held cellphones to talk, text, email or surf the Internet while driving in Saskatchewan. 

Current status and potential weight restrictions for all 13 provincial ferries. (For general information, click here.)

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