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      Sunday, February 18, 2018

Studies of the location and functional design of the Bypass and its various components have been conducted by independent consulting engineers using generally accepted engineering principles and Transportation Association of Canada standards.

They have also included significant municipal involvement and public input.

The studies have found that the planned location 400 m east of Tower Road is the best option for the following reasons. Gravel Pit Road would require the construction of more road and at least one more railway overpass.

The plans allow for a safe distance between the overpass near Tower Road and one at the Pilot Butte Access Road.  There could only be one if the overpass was built at Gravel Pit road and the Pilot Butte overpass would have to be eliminated.

The overpasses at the Pilot Butte Access and Gravel Pit Road would be too close together and create safety issues and the Pilot Butte intersection would have to be converted to right turns only.  Gravel Pit Road would increase the impact on First Nations Land.

Access to the Bypass will be tightly controlled so development “jumping” it isn’t problem.  For example, parts of the bypasses around Edmonton and Calgary are well within the developed parts of those cities.

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