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      Sunday, February 18, 2018

Adopt-A-Highway Program is a way for interested groups or participants to help beautify Saskatchewan rights-of-ways by picking up litter and trash from a specified section (minimum of 3 km) along the provincial highways.

The ATPC committees are established at the local level to look strategically at transportation and make recommendations to the provincial or municipal governments based on social and economic goals of the area and the province.

Some highway projects require the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI) to buy more land.

Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure in recognizing an individual or family's need to grieve the loss of loved ones, will allow the highway right-of-way to be used for the purpose of erecting commemorative markers providing  principles are respected and not compromised.

Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation has a multitude of highway road signs available.

Remember to slow to 60 km in the Work Zone when passing highway workers and equipment. Highway construction and maintenance zones can be dangerous. Reduce your speed, use extra care and save lives.

Preservation provides for the rehabilitation and preventive maintenance for provincial roadways, bridges, and airports. Also included is winter snow and ice control, right-of-way mowing, provision of ferry services and signing for motorists.

Click above for more information on which highways are cleared first and why, snow and ice control, safe driving practices around snowplows in the Snow Zone, how we use the latest technology for improved service and how to know the latest winter road conditions via the Highway Hotline.

One of the Ministry's major initiatives is the Urban Highway Connector Program (UHCP). Through the program, the Ministry partners with urban municipalities on major construction, rehabilitation, planning studies and operations and maintenance of urban connectors.

Before you build adjacent to a provincial highway, there are some things you need to consider which may include acquiring a permit.  

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