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    Saturday, December 16, 2017

When vehicles exceed a regulated dimension with a single piece of cargo, they can be issued single trip permits through the SGI permit office (In Province: 1-800-667-7575, Out-of-Province: 1-306-775-6969). A permit will allow the vehicle to carry additional cargo provided the cargo does not exceed any other legal dimension in addition to the dimension they are permitted for, in which case they would require a TPA.

Over-dimensional Haul Agreement Principles:

Allow movement of overlength or overwidth vehicles and/or loads on the provincial highway system.

  1. Carrier must follow routes designated in agreement. 
  2.  An Administration Fee of $1000 is charged annually.
  3.  Vehicle permits issued pursuant to agreements. Permits will show permitted dimensions.

Additional Conditions of Overdimensional Haul Agreements:

  • Dynamic stability characteristics must be within safe limits.
  • Speed is restricted (speed recording devices are required) for vehicles or loads exceeding 26m in length and/or over legal width and for all configurations where reduced speeds would bring dynamic stability within TAC standards.
  • Operation not allowed where inclement weather or other conditions impair visibility (rain/snow), traction (ice) or handling (winds).
  • Drivers are subject to special qualifications and performance criteria where length exceeds 26m.
  • Vehicles exceeding specific dimensions must be properly flagged and/or lit and accompanied by escort vehicle(s).
  • Hours of Operation are restricted where required in accordance with The Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations, 1999.

Trucking Program staff would be happy to answer any questions and to assist your company in achieving transportation efficiencies. For further information, please contact Mike below:

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