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    Saturday, December 16, 2017




Date Formed 1997 Population By Municipality 22,531 255,965
Km of Roads 24,737 Municipalities 44 63
Km of Railway 1 685

278 496

Chairperson: Joe Vilcu


The overall goal of the SCTPC is to improve the freight and passenger transportation system serving the South Central Area.


  1. Improve the knowledge base and understanding of the transportation challenges and issues in the South Central Area.
  2. Develop and maintain comprehensive transportation plans for the South Central Area.
  3. Communicate the South Central transportation concerns and priorities to all levels of Government and industry.


  •  South Central Transportation Update Plan - November, 2007
  • South Central Area Transportation Plan - November, 2000
  • Grain Transportation Rationalization Road Impact Assessment - July, 1998
  • South Central Transportation Planning Committee Submission to:
  • Review of the Grain Transportation & Handling System - April, 1998
  • Final Proposal for Formation of the South Central Transportation Planning Committee - Dec, 1997

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