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    Saturday, December 16, 2017



First Nations

Date Formed


Population by Municipality    
Km's of Roads 1,960 Communities



Km's of Railway N/A  
Population   Chairperson: Jamie Laliberte


  • To develop a transportation plan for the upper northwest region by bringing together elected representatives/ leaders and industry stakeholders, whereby, gaining a greater knowledge of regional transportation issues and becoming involved in transportation decision making.
  • The Transportation Planning Committee is an advisory committee on transportation planning issues that impact upon the social and economic conditions in the northwest area. The Committee conducts research and analysis so they can advise all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) on the northwest transportation issues, needs and priorities.
  • The Transportation Planning Committee has an advisory role only and is not intended to serve as another level of government in terms of decision making or the operation of transportation services such as roads.
  • The overall goal of the Transportation Planning Committee is to improve the transportation system serving the northwest area which will, in turn, improve the social and economic environment.


  • To develop and maintain comprehensive transportation plans that address the economic and social needs of the upper northwest area.
  • To recommend transportation planning options to the members and the Province.
  • To communicate the transportation planning committee concerns and priorities to all levels of Government and industry.
  • To form an area transportation planning committee that actively involves stakeholders in cooperative and interactive process for area transportation planning.
  • To improve the knowledge base and understanding of the transportation challenges and issues in the upper northwest area.
  • To work in partnership with road users and all players involved in the forestry, mining and tourism industries.
  • To determine the costs of maintaining the existing infrastructure and the building of new roads to support the changes occurring in forestry and mining.
  • To identify the impacts of the oil and mining industry on the transportation system and work with industry to develop proactive solutions.
  • To work with stakeholders to ensure expenditures in the transportation system maximize social and economic opportunities.

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