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    Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI) and the Area Transportation Planning Committees (ATPCs) across Saskatchewan have a collaborative working relationship that has resulted in the development of new policy initiatives and a strategic, long-term planning approach to investments in the transportation system. The following MHI contacts can help you find the right ATPC for you to contact.

Alan Lindsay, MHI Northern Region

Kim Meakin, MHI Central Region

Kevin Scherle, MHI Southern Region

ATPC's Contacts and Information

Athabasca Basin Transportation Planning Committee (ABTPC)
Glen Strong, Chairperson
202-9th Street East
Prince Albert, SK S6V 0X6
Phone: 306-291-5944
Fax: 306-922-7261
Email: glenst@pointsathabasca.ca

North Central Transportation Planning Committee (NCTPC)
Richard Porter, Chairperson
#17 - 100 Brooklyn Lane
Warman, SK S0K 0A1 
Phone: 306-747-7694
Fax: 306-747-2103
Email: rporkyporter@sasktel.net

North East Area Transportation Planning Committee (NEATPC)
Mervin Kryzanowski, Chairperson

Box 1193

Wadena, SK, S0A 4J0
Phone: 306-338-2895
Office: 306-338-2341
Fax: 306-338-2595

North-North West Transportation Planning Committee (NNWTPC) 
Dean Balaneski, Chairperson
Box 249
La Loche, SK S0M 1G0
Phone: 306-822-7378
Fax: 306-822-2078

North-North East Transportation Planning Committee (NNETPC)
Bruce Fidler, Chairperson
Box 100 
Creighton, SK S0P 0A0
Phone: 306-688-8253
Fax: 306-688-4764

South Central Transportation Planning Committee (SCTPC)
Brent Evans, Chairperson
P.O. Box 1431
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 4R3 
Phone: 306-692-2895
Email: slim.b@sasktel.net

South East Transportation Planning Committee (SETPC)
David Schnell, Chairperson
P.O. Box 244
Kenosee Lake, SK S0C 2S0
Phone: 306-577-2511
Fax: 306-577-4946
Email: d_kschnell@q.com 

South West Transportation Planning Council (SWTPC)
Duane Filson, Chairperson
P.O. Box 75
Woodrow, SK. S0H 4M0
Phone & Fax: 306.472.2744
Email: duane.filson@sasktel.net

West Central Municipal Government Committee (WCMGC) Transportation Sub-Committee
Stew Seversen, Chairperson
Box 163
Kerrobert, SK S0L 1R0
Phone: 306-834-5100
Fax: 306-834-2633

Central Area Transportation Planning Committee (CATPC)
Steve Peters, Chairperson
Box 151
Allan, SK S0K 0L0
Phone: 306-290-7896
Fax: 306-257-3337

East Central Transportation Planning Committee (ECTPC)
Gary Kayter, Chairperson
Box 280
Dysart, SK S0G 1H0
Phone: 306-432-2141
Fax: 306-432-2265

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This map shows the boundaries for each ATPC in Saskatchewan.

2013 ATPC.pdf  ( 315.4 KB )

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