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      Thursday, August 24, 2017

Provincially regulated railways are required to report incidents and accidents. These template forms can be provided upon request. If you are not sure when to report an accident or incident, please refer to the definitions from the Guide To Accident and Incident Reporting Requirements.

Reportable Accident 

  • a person sustains a serious injury or is killed, or
  • the track sustains damage that affects its safe use, or
  • dangerous goods, as defined in The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, are released, or
  • the rolling stock:
    • is involved in a grade crossing collision, or
    • is involved in a collision or derailment and is carrying passengers or dangerous goods or has contained dangerous goods and has not been purged, or
    • sustains damage that affects its safe operation, or
      causes or sustains a fire or explosion, or
    • is involved in a collision with equipment on or under the control of another railway.

Reportable Incident

  • a risk of collision occurs (i.e. near miss), or
  • an unprotected switch is left in an abnormal position, or
  • an unprotected overlap of operating authorities occurs, or
  • a movement of rolling stock exceeds the limits of it authority, or
  • an uncontrolled movement of rolling stock occurs, or
  • there is unauthorized movement of a train, or
  • there is an unauthorized occupancy of track, or
  • a person sustains a non-serious injury, or
  • a person gains unauthorized entry onto railway property, or
  • lading is released and not fully recovered, or
  • the track sustains damage that does not affect its safe use but requires repair, or
  • a death occurs involving railway property that is not a direct result of the operation of a train.

If an accident/incident falls under the definitions shown above, a written report is required:

Provincial Rail Services
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Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3V5
Fax: (306) 787-3963

Emergency Contact:

Provincial Railway Inspector
Office hours: (306) 787-5847
After hours: (306) 536-0257 or (306) 529-5487

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