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   Saturday, September 25, 2021

VISION: “Transportation – Connecting Saskatchewan to the World”


  • Supporting Trade and Investment
  • Increasing Transportation Safety
  • Enhancing Quality of Life
  • Efficiently Managing the Transportation System

Core Business Areas:

  • Corporate Services provides budgeting, programming, forecasting and financial reporting, as well as quality management systems, including geographical information systems to the Ministry.
  • Planning and Policy Division is responsible for developing the policies and long-term planning that are implemented by the Ministry as well as working with stakeholders.

  • Design and Innovation Division - This division is responsible for design and construction, regional asset management, logistics, major projects and technical standards.

  • Operations - This division provides fleet services, preservation and operations standards for the ministry. It includes regional services which provides maintenance of Saskatchewan's 26,288 km of highways, 785 bridges, 400 large culverts, 12 ferries, and 17 northern airports.

  • Communications Branch is responsible for strategic communications, education, and awareness programs aimed at promoting public and Ministry worker safety.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is working on several multi-year construction projects throughout the province designed to improve safety and efficiency on Saskatchewan's highway network. 

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