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       Sunday, January 24, 2021

Animated flyover videos of the design concept for the Regina Bypass project. Click the
square on the right of the video for a full-screen version.

Regina Bypass

The Regina Bypass will provide the ultimate solution to the safety issues on Trans-Canada Highway 1 East.

Construction will create 8,200 jobs in Saskatchewan and spin-off benefits for local businesses. The Regina Bypass is a design-build-finance-operate-maintain public-private partnership (P3) procurement model, meaning it will be built faster. Learn more by visiting the Regina Bypass Partners project website

This is the largest publicly owned transportation infrastructure project undertaken in Saskatchewan’s history. (Approved Route Map)
“We found that the Ministry actively sought input from the public and stakeholders throughout the process. It has held numerous public open houses (e.g., November 28, 2013 South Bypass open house) or required its consultants to obtain public and stakeholder input through stakeholder meetings and public open houses.”
- Provincial Auditor

Read the provincial auditor’s report on the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure here

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