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          Friday, July 29, 2016

What's New

July 28, 2016 - Highway work planned and underway will make for a smoother drive to your lake, campsite or other tourist destination.

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Fri. July 22, 2016 - Highway 11 construction may delay southbound travel to the Saskatchewan Roughriders game tonight by 15 minutes, due to a 30km seal coating project underway between Girvin and Aylesbury.


July 21, 2016 - In addition to repairing and upgrading the roads you travel every day, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure crews maintain rest stops and clean up garbage from ditches for your safety and to keep our province beautiful.

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July 14, 2016 - With almost 800 kilometres of seal coating projects planned for this construction season, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure warns drivers to obey work zone signs to stay safe and to avoid damage from loose stones.

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July 7, 2016 - There are 36 bridge replacements and rehabilitations budgeted for in the 2016-17 fiscal year, totalling more than $40 million. This is in addition to the 212 bridge projects completed since 2008-09.

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July 4, 2016 - The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, City of Yorkton, Rural Municipality (RM) of Wallace and RM of Orkney are partnering to complete a long-range planning study in the Yorkton area.

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June 30, 2016 - Roughrider fans wearing green should watch for orange as they travel this Canada Day long weekend.  With 300 kilometres of Saskatchewan highways currently under construction, people should drive carefully and watch for work zones.

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June 23, 2016 - With a record $1.15 billion Highways and Infrastructure budget to be invested this year, road crews are busy across the province.  The ministry would like to remind motorists to drive carefully and obey posted speeds in work zones.

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Jun. 17, 2016 - During the week of June 20, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is teaming up with the RCMP to educate the public on the importance of slowing to 60 km/hr when passing emergency workers.

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Jun. 16, 2016 - The drive to the lake will soon be smoother for people travelling to Rowan’s Ravine.  Work will begin this year to upgrade Highways 322 and 220 in the area.

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